Green beauty!

Is it blue or green. No no it is green. She is gorgeous. She is in Galle Sri Lanka. We called her jungle beach. I never imagined but the trip to jungle beach was so lucrative. That was the first experience of me- had a bath in the sea. That was splendid, specially with this … More Green beauty!


” I am hungry” – child screams in a wailing voice. Currently, food is the indispensable thing to Nigeria, Sudan and Yamen. Can you really survive in hungry at least a single day? The joy of the world is in the most serious dilemma. Can you, can I speak in a jerky fashion when the … More Hunger

Hats off

Young man works as a garbage collector, young woman sweeps the road daily. Are these jobs are perfectly trivial one? They work in an agony to feed their families and themselves. I believe citizens should admire them with effusion. They are non misanthropes, they do not want to proclaim themselves until government feed their hunger. … More Hats off

My own face scrub

Today I am gonna share something different. Something you might know already, something i experienced own. My own face scrub receipt. I have peculiar interest in beauty which worth of thousands of monetary value. Later, I realized it makes me deface an it hit my pocket as well. That is why I intriguing facts about … More My own face scrub


I, myself before the marriage thought how wonderful to have a room with  balcony, because I thought it was the greatest chance to enjoy the life. Here, I am everyday standing on the balcony looking ahead. Does the balcony really prevail life? I am wrong. My previous house,  home without a balcony but peculiar. It … More Balcony

Praise the Lord

I love Jesus and Lord Buddha both. It does not mean that I am double minded unless I am passion in religion. I love both these religion because I met few incredible human beings because of these religion. My family, my mother, my elder brother and my younger brother are Buddhists. They are the lurid … More Praise the Lord

Forget and forgive

I have no doubt that all of my readers familiar with these two words. It instill a feeling. Indeed, these two powerful words will reap your marriage life and will hamper all your sorrows in marriage life. Even I sometimes frustrated with marriage life. Every time when I was mad I started to think about … More Forget and forgive