” I am hungry” – child screams in a wailing voice.

Currently, food is the indispensable thing to Nigeria, Sudan and Yamen.

Can you really survive in hungry at least a single day? The joy of the world is in the most serious dilemma.

Can you, can I speak in a jerky fashion when the part of us in hunger? I do not think so. God’s the extraordinary creation human being is mirror of god’s passion and kindness. Aren’t we violate it?

Can’t the richest wit understand the hunger of them. I understand their hard earning money should remain for their jollification and also money can heal agony of part of the world.

I heard the most of the celebrities, wealthy people are goodwill ambassadors of UN. But, are they really?? Still UN urge for donation to feed these mouths.

We can not deny the knowledge that the most of the richest artists are spend on drugs, tours, mansions, vehicles. Oh my god!! Why such a waist?? Wisdom??

I know many people in my country are complaining for food without thanking, thinking for what we get. I feel these people are misanthropes and queerest.

Can you really sit, wait and complaining for food. Where is the humanity that we proclaim through movies, songs?

I guess this is the time to act rather contribute to naked fashions, luxury vehicle, palaces etc.

You need to herald to be the survivor of these poor, hungry people. Be the change, don’t wait, be the god’s kid, be the angle to eradicate poverty, hunger or be the light to marginalized people in the society rather just proclaim your charity organization all over the world.

Think wise.




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