My own face scrub

Today I am gonna share something different. Something you might know already, something i experienced own.

My own face scrub receipt.

I have peculiar interest in beauty which worth of thousands of monetary value.

Later, I realized it makes me deface an it hit my pocket as well.

That is why I intriguing facts about natural beauty remedies. Hold on, I know results are lagging but it makes you comfortable with money, safety and of course with your beauty expectations.

I did it an I am quite sure it will definitely amenity your face scrub requirements.

Without daunt you further, let me share my own home made recipe of face scrub.

It is just mixing aloevera gel and rice flour. When the mixture is ready you can scrub your face and neck with the use of it. I use it once a week and I am not suggesting portions of aloevera gel and rice flour because I believe you are free to create this recipes according to your own accord and portions of remedies can be varied as personal wish.

Even I do not want to post before and after photos of me. Trust me it really smooth your skin as I experienced it on my own.



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