Hats off

Young man works as a garbage collector, young woman sweeps the road daily.

Are these jobs are perfectly trivial one? They work in an agony to feed their families and themselves.

I believe citizens should admire them with effusion. They are non misanthropes, they do not want to proclaim themselves until government feed their hunger. They are not a little knot of roughs like the most of educated people.

They might not understand, but they are part of this country’s economy. Their service is indispensable which most of the people are not willing to do. They are bustling rather than the most of the beggars in this country.

I have seen people who properly grew up, beg for money, beg for food with out trying, without sweating. So called beggars.

These type of people are in an interminable distance for success.

Work hard, earn honestly. It will make haste your splendid future. Use your wit to pursued the success by doing good things for you as well as to your mother land.

Hats off!!!!!.



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