Green beauty!

Is it blue or green. No no it is green. She is gorgeous. She is in Galle Sri Lanka. We called her jungle beach. I never imagined but the trip to jungle beach was so lucrative.

That was the first experience of me- had a bath in the sea. That was splendid, specially with this green beauty- jungle beach.

She is surrounded by green valley. She is a real bless of mother nature. Pivotal place for jollification with her effusion kindness.

I saw a lot of environmentalist try to detain her beauty and cleanliness. But, sadly, some of the local and foreign visitors try to get rid of her both beauty and cleanliness. She refresh our busy life. Hence, isn’t it our responsibility to look after her.

Mother nature is full of mysteries. Creation is a reflection of god. Breaching her law is noxious. Always remember we are the one who need her. She does not want us.

Survival of human being is in vague. So let’s enjoy her tremendous creation with out hurting her.


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