More than valentines’ day

Valentines’ day, it seems rather piquant thing. The day that lovers clutched their hearts to detain.

Marketers, media and enterprises gaze at them with effusion to grab the opportunity so called, valentines’ day.

I am a lover, happily married to the man I love. I enjoy been in love. Isn’t that splendid?

Do not  amiss me? I am not against love or lovers?. Does it really require to exaggerate?

In here, we celebrated the 69th independence day recently. It was presumably well to notice that most of the youngest on the contrary, than valentines’ day. Independence day was extinguished.

Country can not be evasion. The word “country” should be penetrated into your heart. Day by day people are looking for secure shelter around the world since their countries are amid in war.

How many illegal migrants endured and cried for land to live, survive and build their lives. Aren’t we lucky to have our own country without predominates by the civil war?

I praise my country. Shouldn’t we? Where to celebrate valentines’ day if you are in an agony of land to live.

Food to thought!!.



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