Praise the Lord

I love Jesus and Lord Buddha both. It does not mean that I am double minded unless I am passion in religion.

I love both these religion because I met few incredible human beings because of these religion.

My family, my mother, my elder brother and my younger brother are Buddhists. They are the lurid of my life. My mother is an ordinary woman who has persist courage and love. She never daunt me. She is luminary woman. I am here because of her. She is deeply intertwine with her kids. My children are so lucky to have a grand mother like her.

My two brothers are my strength who always cherished my life. Simply they are amazing.

My husband is a troll. He is a master in evasion of all the pains of my life. He is the motivator of my stark life.

My sister-in-low, a newcomer to our life but feels that we know her more than years. I always admire her courtesy and generosity.

Shouldn’t I praise the lord. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world who has the best family.  My family doesn’t have high monetary value but they are the proof  of that god created humans to reflect himself through them.

Praise the lord.



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