Forget and forgive

I have no doubt that all of my readers familiar with these two words. It instill a feeling.

Indeed, these two powerful words will reap your marriage life and will hamper all your sorrows in marriage life.

Even I sometimes frustrated with marriage life. Every time when I was mad I started to think about the good qualities of my husband.Most of the time he made me laugh, it inertia me and hinder my anger. Isn’t that beautiful?.

Suddenly, I myself urge to forgive him and forget all the sorrows I had. Forgive and forget is a circumvent to lurid my marriage life.

I practiced and memorized these two powerful words in order to penetrate my mind with the feeling of those two words. I t really worked. I accustomed to it and I got remarkable outcome of it.

This is a suggestion for all the newly married couples out there. Always locked your heart with forgive and forget to live in splendid marriage life. Trust me it works. It really works because those are god’s words which are always intertwine no matter what type of circumstances that you face.



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